Born in Haifa, Israel.

After graduated high school, Nitsa joined the Israeli police and engaged in a variety of roles, among other things as investigating officer.

BA degree in Sociology and MA degree in Political Science from the University of Haifa.

LLB degree in Law from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Making art for many years, she studied sculpture in stone from the sculptor, Mr. Pini Weinberg and sculpture in bronze and clay from the sculptor Mr. Solomon Leviev.

”While making sculptural work I formulate a decision about the work and sometimes I let the materials lead me to create”.

In 2010 she presented a solo exhibition entitled “Woman in the Autumn” in “Artists House”, in Haifa.

From 2003 to present she own a law firm in Haifa, that deals in various fields.


Artist Statement

My work is intuitive, often I change the piece while working. Many times I find myself starting a sculpture and change it several times until the finished product.

My work can be seen in different periods, while I was researching earlier the human body, especially the female body that I find fascinating and intriguing. Recently i sculpture dancers, having watched many dance works, most especially my daughter works, which is a choreographer. Movements of the dancers challenging me while i am working on it.

Today I create a sculpture from the court field, two lawyers with a goddess of justice between them who seeks justice.

In my work, I like to combine different jewelry and accessories which enhance the sculpture in my opinion.